Air Springs (Germany)

Elring –

Engine Gaskets and Oil Seals (Germany)

Jurid –

Brake Parts and Friction Material (Germany)

Knecht Automotive Filters –

Air, Fuel, Oil, etc. (Germany)


Air Brake System (Germany)

KS Motor –

Pistons, Liners, Piston Rings, Engine Bearings (Germany)

Lemforder –

Chassis and Suspension Parts (Germany)

Mahle V

Piston Assy., Piston Ring Sets, Cylinder Liners, Engine Bearings (Germany)

Optibelt –

Automotive Belts (Germany)

Telma –

Electromagnetic Retarder (France)

Samrev –

Brake Drums and Discs (France)

Hendrickson –

Air suspension System (USA)

Sachs V

Shock Absorber, Clutches (Germany)

Colaert –

U Bolt and Leaf Springs (France)

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