Through one-stop services, CTL has successfully introduced WABCO ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and HENDRICKSON  Air Suspension System to Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. From before-sales truck fleet inspection, system recommendation, implementation training, product knowledge training to after-sales product inspection, the quality services of CTL have been evidenced. In return, CTL enjoys the stable growth of sales in these new market segments.

In order to comply with the latest Brake & ABS Regulations in Mainland China, WABCO and CTL work closely with some trailer manufacturers for ABS installation training, testing in Hainan Test Course and homologation documents submitting to the Authority.

To achieve the ˇ§Safety Driveˇ¨ objective, CTL is the first one to introduce WABCO EBS (Electronically Controlled Braking System) integrated with RSS (Rolling Stability Support) function to some tailor-made trailers to carry extremely high C.G. precast facades from Mainland China to Hong Kong. One trailer was invited by Hong Kong Government to carry the World Biggest Drum (4.2m diameter)


from Mainland China to Victoria Park for the Drum Festival event through the Central Cross Harbour Tunnel with height limit - 4.6m only!!

Furthermore, CTL will also introduce the other most advanced ˇ§ Safety Driveˇ¨ systems such as ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to market in future.

CTL has successfully introduced HENDRICKSON truck air suspension system to Hong Kong market and this system can be applicable to the most of trucks in the market. One of our fleet customers, Man Luen Hong Motor Co., Ltd., even uses HENDRICKSON air-suspended trucks to carry livestock from Mainland China to Hong Kong in order to provide the excellent ride comfort to those pigs and cows before they step into the butchery.

For the time being, CTL is the one and only one both HENDRICKSON & Hong Kong Transport Department approved company to retrofit the air suspension onto the brand new and used trucks.

CTL is also the pioneer to introduce WABCO ELM (Electronic Levelling Module) to the Japanese air-suspended trucks besides trailers and they are all well-accepted by the operators.


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